About The Artwork

With an intuitive understanding of her subjects. Chloe's work is painted with empathy, the work shows emotion through the power of brush strokes, movements and with use of interesting textures to enhance the composition. Her ability to spark the soul of the animal and to translate this into the paint is why she is becoming known worldwide for her work. by using a wide range of natural materials such as real gold, diamonds, real flowers and crystals the works aim to enhance the connection we have to the world around us, As an artist in the modern world, she believes it is her duty to help with nature and animal conservation and highlight the issues we have around us. 

Hand Made Butterflies

Chloe has developed the practice of creating realistic fine art 3D butterflies. Each piece adored with a handmade butterfly is very special. Every butterfly has been crafted by hand with lots of care and attention, they are archival and UV protected